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ADIR Insurance is backed by two prominent shareholders of high standards, Byblos Bank and Natixis Assurances - France.

Byblos Bank

Byblos Bank is the major shareholder with 64% of ADIR shares. Established in Lebanon in 1950, Byblos Bank Group is a universal financial institution focused on domestic and selective regional markets offering world-class service to customers, value-creation to shareholders, fulfilment to employees, and economic benefits to the communities in which it operates. Throughout more than 60 years of growth, Byblos Bank Group was able to expand with the largest best-spread network of 77 branches in Lebanon, and with a strategic presence in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Natixis Assurances – France

Natixis Assurances, subsidiary of Natixis, is a holding company grouping together various insurance subsidiaries. Natixis Assurances offers a broad range of products for individuals in Life insurance, Health insurance, Personal Risk insurance and Property & Casualty insurance. It also has a comprehensive range of professional insurance policies. Natixis Assurances is one of the largest Bancassurer in Life insurance in France with assets under management of over 27 billion Euros, establishing itself as a key market player.