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ADIR’s Management is strategically leading the Company towards Excellence in service, performance and career development while setting clear directions at all levels and having at heart the welfare of the community and the environment.

Board of Directors:

Mr. René Klat                                            Chairman & General Manager  
Dr. Francois Bassil                                          Director  
Mr. Semaan Bassil                                          Director  
Natixis Assurance Represented by Mrs. Nathalie Broutele    Director
Mr. Christophe le Pape                                          Director  
Mrs. Pascale Asmar                                          Director  
Mr. Jean Hleiss                                           Director  
Mrs. Joumana Bassil Chelala                                          Director  
Mr. Alain Wanna                                          Director  
Mr. Fadi Nassar                                          Director                


Mr. René Klat                         Chairman & General Manager
Mr. Jean Hleiss                       Director & Assistant General Manager
Mrs. Carla Abdo                      Assistant General Manager

Head of Departments:

Mr. Jean Saad Head of Non Life Division
Mr. Joseph Mrad Acting Head of Claims Division
Mrs. Marlene Abi Antoun  Head of IT, Projects and Infrastructure Division
Mr. Charbel Chaanine  Head of Marketing Department
Mr. Raja Mouawad Head of Market Development Department
Mr. Bernard Sfeir  Acting Head of Finance & Administration Division
Mr. Jean-Marie Naaman Head of Regional Technical Support and Group Reinsurance Treaties 
Mrs. Aline Khoury Acting Head of Life Insurance Department
Mr. Ziad Akl Acting Head of Accounting Department
Mrs. Carole Najm Acting Head of Non Life Department