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SMEs represent the majority of companies in the Lebanese Market. Even big corporations at one point started out as a small or medium enterprise. The need for growth that the SMEs perceive usually requires dedication from founders and staff to expanding the business. Removing the stress related to uncertainty in terms of liability, accidents, and risk is essential to maintain this growth. Employee retention is crucial and retirement pension schemes help retain employees. Company assets need to be protected against premeditated acts and against force majeure such as earthquakes. At ADIR we have taken the initiative of thinking about all the various scenarios that may present themselves and have prepared detailed plans that can be adapted to the size of your company and to the budget you can allocate for these benefits.
Adir through its international connections is able to cater any type of unusual coverage that could be needed.

Insure Business Assets & Continuity

Fire and Allied Perils

Budgeting for an affordable yet comprehensive plan such as the Fire & Allied Perils by ADIR is now possible and at the reach of all SMEs. Our flexible plan protects you in the case of incidental fire events without draining your budget. Focus on growth and expansion without worrying about any possible setbacks in the future.

The fire policy covers accidental physical damage to the movable and immovable property of the insured arising out of a covered fire with flames.

Additional covers:

• Liabilities towards: neighbors, co-owners, tenants and landlords
• Natural catastrophes: Earthquake, thunderbolt and/or lightning, storm, tempest and flood etc…
• Optional covers: Water damage, glass breakage, impact, aircraft, explosion, removal of debris, architects and surveyors fees etc…


For any SME, the prospect of losing assets due to burglary is most dreadful. SMEs often operate with limited capital and cash flow. A loss of valuable assets can, not only force them to go back into the initial building phase, but also interrupt all ongoing operations incurring an additional loss. ADIR’s insurance plan for Burglary allows faster recovery from such loss and a faster return to smooth operations.

Business Interruption & Loss of Profit

A business interruption for SMEs can deliver a fatal blow to the business. In today’s highly competitive world, no business can afford to slip-up and allow the competition to catch-up with them because of unfortunate events. That extra security is now available through ADIR’s Business Interruption & Loss of Profit policy.

Machinery Breakdown

Have you invested heavily in your equipment? Does your production line rely on the machinery you paid so much for? Protect your investment by making sure that any breakdown of the machinery would not implicate a fatal blow to your success. With this in mind, ADIR has devised a dedicated plan for those moments in life where you wish you had taken some precautions.

Electronic Equipment

In the age of the start-up, the SMEs are becoming the majority of the businesses ever created. A large number of these businesses relied on technological assistance in recent times for their own advancement. It is only natural for so many of them to turn to ADIR to protect their electronic equipment. We have listened and tailored a well-rounded plan to offer proper compensation for any loss or damage to your valuables.

The covers include several factors such as Human error, technical influences, external influences and other factors.

Cash in safe and Cash in Transit

Today’s banking systems have allowed many cashless transactions. However no business can fully operate without holding cash sums and transporting them. Don’t leave your business exposed to potential burglary and cover your cash losses through ADIR’s cash in-safe/cash in-transit policy before your first cash carry.

Infidelity of Employees

As much as we would like to think that we are skilled enough to select the best individuals to work in our business, there is always room for error. Why let dishonest employee causes serious financial loss?  Empower your business with the means to compensate and bounce back from this through ADIR’s Infidelity of Employees’ policy.

Cargo Insurance

ADIR has always kept SMEs in mind when tailoring coverage solution plans. As the backbone of most economies, SMEs are both vital and fragile especially if their main revenue relies on international commerce and shipping. For that segment, the Cargo coverage offers the right protection to ensure an incident out at sea will not put a dent in the success of the company. Check out the full coverage terms:

Cargo Insurance covers

  •    The loss or damage to the consignment whether shipped by vessel, by truck or by plane.
  •    Duration of the coverage: the cover starts from the time the goods leave the warehouse or place of storage and ceases to the final destination agreed on.

Motor insurance

Whether it’s used in sales or for delivery, for management or for labor work, the only wise decision for any of the assets is to provide a guarantee of use. The guarantee can only be given by a comprehensive insurance coverage. The kind you can only find in ADIR’s customizable Motor plans.

1-Motor Obligatory Insurance:

The obligatory insurance covers all bodily injuries caused by an insured vehicle to a third party. This insurance is imposed by the government under Law number 105 dated 30/06/1977, and law 9585 dated 30/01/2003.
The bodily injury claims are covered up to 750,000,000 L.L.

It is important to subscribe to this policy with a reliable insurance company. The results of a non paid claim can ruin lives. You should also be aware that the fixed price for this policy, set by the government, is 65,000 LBP, any policy below this charge is considered as illegal.

2-Motor Third Party Liability Insurance:

The motor third party liability covers your own liability towards Third Parties.

• Three Plans are proposed with the below covers: Material Damages ranging from 50,000$ to 1,000,000$ 
• Medical Expenses
• Death of family members
• Permanent Partial or Total Disability of family members

3-Motor All risks Insurance:

ADIR’s all risks offers are flexible and adaptable to the clients’ needs. This type of policy can be given to all private cars excluding taxis and Rental cars

Two offers are available: ADIR Plus* and ADIR*

3.1-ADIR plus:

• Third Party Liability 
• Third Party Liability due to Fire or Explosion 
• Bodily Injury 
• Fire & Own Damage up to the car value without deductible
• Burglary & Hold-up up to the car value 
• Partial theft
• No depreciation on new spare parts
• Reparation at dealer’s garages for the first 3 years only
• Registration fees for new car in case of total loss
• Driver & Passengers up to: Medical Expenses: US$.2, 000.-
                                       Death: US$.5, 000.-
• Air-Bags, Sensors &Tableau de bord without depreciation.
• Road assistance 24h/24h 
• Replacement car
• War, Civil War, SRCC & Terrorism up to US$ 2.500

Please Refer to ADIR for a simulation

  • Third Party Liability
  • Third Party Liability due to Fire or Explosion
  • Bodily Injury
  • Fire & Own Damage up to the car value
  • Burglary & Hold-up up to the car value
  • Driver & Passengers up to: Death: US$ 5,000 -Medical Expenses: US$.1, 000.
  • Air-Bags, Sensors & Tableau de bord
  • Road assistance 24h/24h
  • Replacement car
  • War, Civil War, SRCC & Terrorism , Excluding Malicious Damage up to US$ 2.500

Click here to access a simulator Motor All Risk Simulator

*conditions applied

Contractors All Risks

In order to complement the various offerings designed for SMEs, ADIR has chosen to expand its coverage to protect contracting activities. By covering the various risks and dangers associated with erecting and delivering complex structural work, you can rest assured that your efforts are never lost due to unforeseen circumstances. Even when loss or damage is related to defects or deficiency, we have you covered throughout your construction and maintenance period!

Erection all risks

The Erection All Risk policy is designed to cover loss or damage to projects that involve erection/installation of plant, machinery and equipment ranging from erection of a single machine to a large power plant.

Contractors All Risks

The Contractors All Risk covers the property during the construction period against any loss or damage that might arise from an unforeseen event.

Decennials insurance

The Decennials Insurance covers the structural component of an insured property.

Protect and motivate Employees

Workmen compensation

Skilled workmen are often crucial in the growth and stability of a small business. They are also more exposed to risk especially when conducting manual labor.
Reduce your liability in the event of accidents and offer premium coverage to the people you rely on in your daily activity. ADIR’s Workmen compensation package was designed specifically for your needs.

This policy indemnifies the policy holder for all sums which he shall become legally liable to pay following death and Bodily Injury incurred through an accident sustained on Lebanese territory by any of his employees arising out of, and in the course of his employment according to the legislative decree 136 dated 16/09/1983

Workmen Compensation Covers:

1- Daily indemnity in case of temporary disablement
2- Indemnity in case of Permanent and Total disability 
3- Indemnity in case of death, including funeral expenses
4- Medical, chirurgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses
5- Installation expenses related to prosthesis devices
6- Transport expenses to the victim's address

Group Health Care Plan

As the business scene evolves always into something more challenging so does the possibility of acquiring and retaining good talent. One way of showing you are a reliable enterprise is by offering the very basics that any employee expects from his job. Medical coverage is now even easier with around the clock assistance, worldwide reach at an affordable premium at ADIR with a group Health Care Plan.

ADIR’s program is managed by NEXTCARE; a third party administrator specialized in the medical assistance & support.

Coverage Benefits:

• 24/24hrs Assistance, all year round.
• Network :

a. Class A (1 bed) : All hospitals 
b. Class B (2 beds) : All hospitals
c. Class K (2 beds) : All Hospitals, excluding Clemenceau Medical Center, American University of Beirut Medical Center and Hotel Dieu de France.

• Medical Expenses resulting from emergency and approved cases.
• Lifetime limitation for Chronic Diseases 
• Prosthesis including stent related to a covered medical necessity are covered up to:
• Physiotherapy treatment related to post surgical intervention or following an accident requiring hospitalization whether delivered at the hospital or outside, during the contractual period of the policy and up to 30 sessions per person per year.
• Maternity benefits including delivery, medically mandated abortion, miscarriage and epidural.
• Morgue and burial costs if the insured dies at the hospital up to US$2,000-
• Newborn Babies medically eligible, and whose maternity has been covered by the Insurance Company, will be added to the Policy, from day zero, free of charge, and for the remaining contractual period of the parents Policy, and will benefit from the same Policy terms and conditions. 
• Infertility shall be covered as per policy terms and conditions. up to :
• Breast Reconstruction following partial or complete breast excisions due to a breast cancer with the cost of the prosthesis is covered up to US$3,000- (Three Thousand US Dollars) for all classes, as per Policy terms and conditions.
• All Adherents will benefit from a worldwide coverage that allows them to a reimbursement of medical expenses incurred abroad according to ADIR’s preferential tariff.

OUT OF Hospital

Insured patients may use any Laboratory, Diagnostic or Physiotherapy center within our Network after consulting their attending physician.
The Special advantages under the Ambulatory Plan are:

• Up to US$5,000- per year
• Coverage of most Pre-Marital tests as mandated by Lebanese Law
• Three obstetrical Ultra-Sound, One morphological Ultra-Sound, One Amniocentesis per pregnancy when maternity is covered
• Laser therapy, Physiotherapy, Kinesitherapy
• Thallium myocardial scintigraphy
• Abdomino-Pelvis Ultrasound
• One Osteodensitometry test is covered per year when medically necessary


As a business owner, your biggest asset is often your human capital. Skilled staff and employees’ empowerment is a key to success and business growth. What better way to show them that you value their presence and commitment than offering them a pension scheme?

ADIR’s Group Pension is a saving and protection plan especially designed to show your employees that you are keen about their retirement and willing to invest in them for many years to come. It simply shows that after a long time of service you want them to enjoy their golden age with more than what other retirement pillars have to offer. As an additional benefit, the employees will be protected against an array of risks during their employment in the Company.

Contract Term:

The Group Pension is a saving and protection plan designed to offer employees reliable retirement solutions with additional protection benefits, and it will also allow the employer to retain them. It consists of monthly installments to be shared between the Employer and the employees

Basic Cover:
  • Death all causes
Additional Covers :
  • Permanent and Total Disability
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Terminal illness
  • Passive War Risk covering Death
  • Passive War Risk Covering Permanent and Total Disability 
Main Advantages:
  • Easy and simple preparation for Golden Age with decent monthly contributions
  • Ability to maintain the same standard of living after retirement
  • High return with a served interest greater than market’s rate
  • Transparent fees and charges
  • Diversified protection coverage
  • Flexibility on performing all types of amendments

Group Life Insurance and Group Credit Life

Many often consider Life Insurance as an extra benefit rarely found in small businesses. ADIR aims to change that by creating a Group Term Life Plan, an affordable package with wide coverage, so you can attract new talents to your business and retain your existing staff. Make sure everybody feels safe and comfortable as they invest themselves in helping you grow the business.

Group Level term life

 Main Cover:

Natural & Accidental Death Benefit.

Additional Covers :

• Permanent & Total Disability Due to Sickness and Accident
• Passive War Risk in case of Death Benefit
• Passive War Risk in case of Permanent &Total Disability

Anyone aged between 18 and 64 years can adhere to this policy. Cover ceases at age 65.

Group Credit Life

The credit life Policy covers the outstanding loan amount of the borrowers in case of deficiency. It can be adapted to all sorts of debts and loans from financial institutions or banks.

Main Cover:

Natural & Accidental death benefit

 Additional Covers:

• Permanent & Total Disability Due to Sickness and Accident
• Passive War Risk in case of Death Benefit
• Passive War Risk in case of Permanent &Total Disability

Anyone aged between 18 and 64 years can adhere to this policy. Cover ceases at age 65.


Group Personal Accident 

If you have waited a lot to acquire the right staff, then you definitely know this is only the tip of the iceberg. To retain them, you have to go the extra mile. ADIR helps bridge the needs of your staff and your financial investment concerns by offering protection from death and disability through an affordable Group Personal Accident plan.

  • Accidental Death
  • Total Permanent Disability
  • Partial Permanent Disability
  • Weekly Indemnity
  • Medical Expenses

Travel Insurance and Assistance Plan

Companies know that most of the time the local market they operate in is not enough to ensure continuous growth and prosperity. Growing into other markets will often require travel. When running on limited budgets travel incidents can really mess up your plans. For that ADIR offers SMEs a versatile and well-though of Travel insurance coverage.

Travel Insurance and Assistance plan

A Travel Insurance which provides medical protection and assistance services for the insured persons in the event of a sudden illness or accident during their journey outside their usual country of residence.


• Medical Expenses
• Medical Repatriation
• Extension of the stay due to illness or injury abroad
• Travel and accommodation expenses of an immediate family member
• Dispatch of medicines
• Repatriation of mortal remains
• Emergency return home following the death of a close family member
• Emergency return home following damage at his place of residence
• General Information services
• Advance of funds
• Loss or damage to registered luggage and/or personal effects
• Compensation for expenses due to delay in luggage arrival
• Compensation for loss of Passport

Business Liabilities

General Third Party Liability

No matter what field your enterprise is in, risk is always present. Keep a positive outlook on the future instead of waitingfor disaster to strike.Reach for new markets with the highest safety measures available: ADIR’s general third party liability.
With ADIR the only risk you are taking is to miss out on an opportunity to be risk-free.

This policy covers the legal liability of the insured toward Third party liability for Bodily Injury and property damage during their presence at the insured’s premises.The cover can be extended to include Lift, Valet parking and food poisoning.