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Professional service providers such as architects, lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, dentists, carpenters or other self-employed individuals, often carry the burden of the business they manage.

For them, the need for proper insurance planning is essential to insure continuity of their individual line of business.
Whether they run a solo act, or have employees helping them grow the business, there is always the right package at ADIR. We have taken the time to segment and profile each customer activity to get the most efficient and flexible insurance solution guaranteeing serenity and continuity for your professional activity
Adir through its international connections is able to cater any type of unusual coverage that could be needed.

Insure Business Assets & Continuity

Fire and Allied Perils

Based on ADIR’s experience in the Lebanese market and the constant struggle that professionals have to go through to rebuild themselves after major incident, the Fire & Allied Perils coverage plan was schemed. By subscribing to this plan you are not only sure you have a soft landing cushion in case of unexpected events but are also able to venture into new projects armed with the confidence and safety we offer you.

The fire policy covers accidental physical damage to the movable and immovable property of the insured arising out of a covered fire with flames. 

Additional covers:

• Liabilities towards: neighbors, co-owners, tenants and landlords
• Natural catastrophes: Earthquake, thunderbolt and/or lightning, storm, tempest and flood etc…
• Optional covers: Water damage, glass breakage, impact, aircraft, explosion, removal of debris, architects and surveyors fees etc…


Professionals are often self-starters who rely on their skills to build their business. The risk of burglary to assets they have worked hard for, has a deep impact on their continued strive to success. When faced with burglary, they can default on their financial and professional commitments, which can damage their reputation.
ADIR’s Burglary coverage takes that burden off their shoulders allowing them to focus on their core activity.

Business Interruption & Loss of Profit

Professionals tend to lose the most when they suffer from a business interruption since their personal assets are tied up to their work activity. This makes ADIR’s business interruption and loss of profit policy a necessary prerequisite for any professional who wants to operate and grow their business.

Machinery Breakdown

You are in the middle of a production, your entire business is relying on successfully completing this project, and suddenly you suffer from a machinery breakdown. It doesn’t have to feel like the end of world. Just turn to ADIR for the most adapted coverage plan to insure business continuity in such events.

Electronic Equipment

Ever since their introduction to the workplace, electronics have played a valuable role in empowering professionals. ADIR is well conscience of the value of these electronic equipments to the business and has built the perfect coverage plan to ensure them against damages partial or total loss.

The covers include several factors such as Human error, technical influences, external influences and other factors.

Cargo Insurance

As you entrust all your goods to a container floating on a ship in the middle of an infinite ocean of water or in a metallic plane hanging in the sky, you just might want that extra guarantee that in case of a loss or damage you will be compensated for any incurred loss. ADIR brings you a versatile and affordable coverage through its Cargo Insurance.

Cargo Insurance covers:
• The loss or damage to the consignment whether shipped by vessel, by truck or by plane.
• Duration of the coverage: the cover starts from the time the goods leave the warehouse or place of storage and ceases to the final destination agreed on.

Motor insurance

A professional often invest in purchasing a vehicle to facilitate his daily transports. The average time for an accident to happen is usually a split second leaving you helpless and without any means to complete your planned tasks. For this reason and many more, ADIR has introduced the Motor coverage plan for professionals.

1-Motor Obligatory Insurance:

The obligatory insurance covers all bodily injuries caused by an insured vehicle to a third party. This insurance is imposed by the government under Law number 105 dated 30/06/1977, and law 9585 dated 30/01/2003.
The bodily injury claims are covered up to 750,000,000 L.L.

It is important to subscribe to this policy with a reliable insurance company. The results of a non paid claim can ruin lives. You should also be aware that the fixed price for this policy, set by the government, is 65,000 LBP, any policy below this charge is considered as illegal.

2-Motor Third Party Liability Insurance:

The motor third party liability covers your own liability towards Third Parties.

• Three Plans are proposed with the below covers:Material Damages ranging from 50,000$ to 1,000,000$ 
• Medical Expenses
• Death of family members
• Permanent Partial or Total Disability of family members

3-Motor All Risks Insurance:

ADIR’s all Risks offers are flexible and adaptable to the clients’ needs. This type of policy can be given to all private cars excluding taxis and Rental cars

Two offers are available: ADIR Plus* and ADIR*

3.1-ADIR plus:

• Third Party Liability 
• Third Party Liability due to Fire or Explosion 
• Bodily Injury 
• Fire & Own Damage up to the car value without deductible
• Burglary & Hold-up up to the car value 
• Partial theft
• No depreciation on new spare parts
• Reparation at dealer’s garages for the first 3 years only
• Registration fees for new car in case of total loss
• Driver & Passengers up to: Medical Expenses: US$.2, 000.- Death: US$.5, 000.
• Air-Bags, Sensors &Tableau de bord without depreciation.
• Road assistance 24h/24h 
• Replacement car
• War, Civil War, SRCC & Terrorism up to US$ 2.500

Please Refer to ADIR for more info

  • Third Party Liability
  • Third Party Liability due to Fire or Explosion
  • Bodily Injury
  • Fire & Own Damage up to the car value
  • Burglary & Hold-up up to the car value
  • Driver & Passengers up to: Death: US$ 5,000 -Medical Expenses: US$.1, 000.
  • Air-Bags, Sensors & Tableau de bord
  • Road assistance 24h/24h
  • Replacement car
  • War, Civil War, SRCC & Terrorism , Excluding Malicious Damage up to US$ 2.500

Click here to access a simulator Motor All Risk Simulator

*conditions applied

Protect and motivate Employees

Group Health Care Plan

There is a mutual benefit in offering your staff a decent Medical plan. First, by having a medical plan for your staff you are ensuring a healthy and fit lifestyle to protect your business from interruptions and failure. But more importantly it sends a clear message that you actually believe they are valuable to the business’ success. ADIR helps you make this happen via an adjustable plan with full assistance and worldwide coverage.

ADIR’s program is managed by NEXTCARE; a third party administrator specialized in the medical assistance & support.

Coverage Benefits:

• 24/24hrs Assistance, all year round.
• Network :

a.Class A (1 bed) : All hospitals 
b. Class B (2 beds) : All hospitals
c. Class K (2 beds) : All Hospitals, excluding Clemenceau Medical Center, American University of Beirut Medical Center and Hotel Dieu de France.

• Medical Expenses resulting from emergency and approved cases.
• Lifetime limitation for Chronic Diseases 
• Prosthesis including stent related to a covered medical necessity are covered up to $10,000
• Physiotherapy treatment related to post surgical intervention or following an accident requiring hospitalization whether delivered at the hospital or outside, during the contractual period of the policy and up to 30 sessions per person per year.
• Maternity benefits including delivery, medically mandated abortion, miscarriage and epidural.
• Morgue and burial costs if the insured dies at the hospital up to US$2,000-
• Newborn Babies medically eligible, and whose maternity has been covered by the Insurance Company, will be added to the Policy, from day zero, free of charge, and for the remaining contractual period of the parents Policy, and will benefit from the same Policy terms and conditions. 
• Infertility shall be covered as per policy terms and conditions. up to $1,500
• Breast Reconstruction following partial or complete breast excisions due to a breast cancer with the cost of the prosthesis is covered up to US$3,000- (Three Thousand US Dollars) for all classes, as per Policy terms and conditions.
• All Adherents will benefit from a worldwide coverage that allows them to a reimbursement of medical expenses incurred abroad according to ADIR’s preferential tariff.

OUT of Hospital

Insured patients may use any Laboratory, Diagnostic or Physiotherapy center within our Network after consulting their attending physician.
The Special advantages under the Ambulatory Plan are:

• Up to US$5,000- per year
• Coverage of most Pre-Marital tests as mandated by Lebanese Law
• Three obstetrical Ultra-Sound, One morphological Ultra-Sound, One Amniocentesis per pregnancy when maternity is covered
• Laser therapy, Physiotherapy, Kinesitherapy
• Thallium myocardial scintigraphy
• Abdomino-Pelvis Ultrasound
• One Osteodensitometry test is covered per year when medically necessary

Group Life insurance

Professionals are often the centerpiece in the business they manage. Regardless of the industry they work in, the business relies on their name and identity to thrive and grow. This increasing responsibility can become a liability if you do not protect your legacy. ADIR’s Level Term life allows you to focus on growing both professionally and personally through a very well-tailored package with flexible terms and payment facilities:

Group Life insurance:

Contract Term:

it provides protection covers yearly renewable till the Retirement age.

Main Cover:

Natural & Accidental Death Benefit.

Additional Covers:

• Permanent & Partial Disability Due to Sickness and Accident
• Double Indemnity in case of Accidental death
• Double Indemnity in case of Permanent & Total Disability Due to Accident
• Double Indemnity in case of Permanent Partial Disability Due to Accident
• Passive War Risk in case of Death Benefit
• Passive War Risk in case of Permanent &Total Disability 
• Passive War Risk in case of Permanent & Partial Disability
• Accelerated Terminal Illness Benefit*

Anyone aged between 18 and 60 years can adhere to this policy. The cover ceases at age 65.

*50% of the total sum insured with a limit of 500,000$.
Click here to access the Simulator….

Level Term Life Plan for 5 years renewable

The Level Term Life Plan is issued and renewed over 5 years at new premium rates without medical evidence.

Contract Term:

it provides protection covers yearly renewable till retirement age.

Main Cover:

Natural & Accidental Death Benefit.

 Additional Covers:

• Permanent & Total Disability Due to Sickness and Accident
• Permanent & Partial Disability Due to Sickness and Accident
• Double Indemnity in case of Accidental death
• Double indemnity in case of Permanent & Total Disability Due to Accident
• Double Indemnity in case of Permanent Partial Disability Due to Accident
• Passive War Risk in case of Death Benefit
• Passive War Risk in case of Permanent &Total Disability 
• Passive War Risk in case of Permanent & Partial Disability
• Accelerated Terminal Illness Benefit*

Anyone aged between 18 and 60 years can adhere to this policy. The Cover ceases at age 65.
*50% of the total sum insured with a limit of 500,000$.


Group Personal Accident 

Even if your business is tightly attached to your own person as a professional, your collaborators and employees will appreciate the extra care you are displaying by protecting them from accidental death and even Total or Partial disability through ADIR’s Group Personal Accident plan. Show them you care and they will definitely return the gesture through dedication and hard work.

  • Accidental Death
  • Total Permanent Disability
  • Partial Permanent Disability
  • Weekly Indemnity
  • Medical Expenses

Travel Insurance and Assistance Plan

You are on a mission for success. Your travels are often dictated by the needs of your business and their success or failure can mean the prosperity or bankruptcy of your business. As you would go prepared for all your meetings and deals, add that extra layer of safety by insuring your travel thanks to ADIR’s comprehensive plan.

Travel Insurance and Assistance plan

A Travel Insurance which provides medical protection and assistance services for the insured persons in the event of a sudden illness or accident during their journey outside their usual country of residence.


• Medical Expenses
• Medical Repatriation
• Extension of the stay due to illness or injury abroad
• Travel and accommodation expenses of an immediate family member
• Dispatch of medicines
• Repatriation of mortal remains
• Emergency return home following the death of a close family member
• Emergency return home following damage at his place of residence
• General Information services
• Advance of funds
• Loss or damage to registered luggage and/or personal effects
• Compensation for expenses due to delay in luggage arrival
• Compensation for loss of Passport


Business Liabilities

Professional Liability Insurance

This policy combines the general third party covers with the specific requirements of the Professionals. It is required by professionals, with expertise in specific area, to secure their work with a specific professional liability cover. Professional liability insurance covers claims arising out of business or professional practices such as negligence, malpractice or misrepresentation.

Public Liability Insurance

This policy covers the legal liability of the insured toward Third party liability for Bodily Injury and property damage during their presence at the insured’s premises.
The cover can be extended to include Lift, Valet parking and food poisoning.

Product Liability Insurance

The product liability protects the insured against all claims that might arise from his relative products. This will include the claimant’s cost and litigation’s expenses in case of bodily injury or loss or damages to tangible property.

This policy shall indemnify the insured against all sums which he shall become liable to pay for compensation and claimant’s costs and expenses including the expenses of litigation for:

• Bodily Injury (including death to or illness or disease) of or to any person
• Loss of or physical damage to tangible property, caused by any commodity or goods manufactured, sold, supplied, installed, erected, repaired, altered or treated by the insured.