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At ADIR we believe in building synergy out of collaborating with similar minded organisms that value quality and focus on the highest standards in the insurance business. Such synergies can only serve to innovate, improve and strengthen the insurance market and maximize value and benefits to the customer.

We remain open to partnership proposals from other Banks or Insurance Companies and invite you to get in touch with us to explore such possibilities further.

Insure your income

Insure your Income is a very simple protection plan that can ensure the payment of monthly revenues for the beloved ones in case of sudden absence of the policyholder due to death or injury. The reimbursement amount can reach 3000$ per month and period can last for 12 or 24 Months at a starting cost of 2$ per month. For more info, click here

Insure your life

Insure your life is a term life insurance plan conceived to secure the future of the family. It covers Death only along with an optional cover of permanent and total disability. The sum insured goes from 10,000$ to 100,000$ and can be increased by increments of 5000$ whenever requested. For more info, click here 

Insure your Retirement

With this plan we you can easily prepare for golden age with decent long-term investments. Insure Your Retirement separates Life Insurance from Investment as it is designed to generate Cash Values. It also takes into consideration the payment capacity of each individual and his appetite to invest in moderate or aggressive strategies. Its transparency and flexibility makes it a unique investment product in the Lebanese Market. For more info, click here

Insure your Child’s education

The child’s education plan combines saving and protection. It can ensure a brighter future for the children and make their dreams a reality. Its purpose is to save money for higher education and maintain a continuous education in college in case of misfortune. For more info, click here

Insure your Car

If you are looking for reliable coverage against third-party liability to cover material damage and/or bodily injury, Insure Your Car plan is the answer. It offers competitive prices and there aren’t any restrictions on private car’s age, model, horsepower or brand. For more info, click here 

For more info, kindly visit Byblos Bank website “Consumer banking – Bancassurance”